Parent Support



Individual support is available to parents and guardians who have a child or youth impacted by mental illness in the family. Supportive counselling includes information regarding the supports FAME provides for children and youth, resources to help individuals start a conversation about mental illness, assisting young individuals in their understanding process, providing referrals to community supports, and encouraging self-care strategies.

FAMEkids Support Workers also provide support to parents and guardians who have a child up to age 12 experiencing a mental health concern. Counselling includes referrals to appropriate community services, support in navigating the system for their child, solution-focused assistance, and promoting self-care strategies. If a parent or guardian requires support for youth 13 and older, it is recommended to contact your local FAME Family Support Worker.


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Karen Naismith
FAMEkids Manager

Simona Martella
FAMEkids Child and Youth Support Worker